Keen to join the Cheese Cartel? Want some cheese from your favourite cheese dealers?! We’re a subscription cheese company, delivering delicious, curated cheese boxes to your door every month.

Get your order in by the first of the month for your cheese to be sent the middle Monday of that month (exact dates below). Our boxes are sent by overnight courier, which can take 1-3 business days to arrive.

Upcoming Cheese Box Dates:


Cheese Boxes


Cheese Tastings


Want to become part of Cheese Cartel’s tasting panel? We hosted our inaugural High Cheese Tastings in March 2019. And have another High Cheese Tasting coming up on 2 August 2019!

Think High Tea, but with better music and some sweet sweet cheese. The founding Cheese Cartelians, and some Cheese Champion friends from NZ Cheese Limited will be co-hosting you, as well as kind support from Urbanaut beer & Dhall & Nash fine wines.

If you want to try some new and unique artisan cheeses, with a bunch of like minded cheese lovers, this event could be for you! You will try around 10 cheeses, and have some matched wines and/or beers!