Kaikoura Cheese Lemon Labneh

kaikoura cheese logo.jpeg

The folks at Kaikoura cheese must be magicians, or witches, because this lemon labneh is supernaturally good. Labneh is a traditional middle eastern cheese made from thick creamy yoghurt, rolled into balls and stored in oil. The recipe for Labneh isn’t complex (check out our Instagram story highlights for an easy step-by-step video) but getting it absolutely perfect - that’s an art.

In this month’s cheese box, we’ve tried to curate a selection of treats based on their unusual textures. What we like about this labneh is how light and creamy it is, as well as it’s refreshing flavour. The lemon adds some zestiness and the yoghurt adds some background tang, making this a perfect cheese for a late summer cheese platter. Eat it alone, or with a plain cracker, so you can appreciate the delicate flavours.