Barry’s Bay - Creamy Harvarti

Barrys Bay Havarti.jpg

The Havarti variety of cheese originated in Denmark, but this one started it’s life on the Akaroa Peninsula. Barry’s Bay have been making cheeses for over 120 years, focused on high quality products made from local milk. Their Havarti is one of the best in the land, a mild, creamy cheese with a slightly nutty flavour. Try it with a sweet side note, like pear, or quince paste (if you’ve got any of that kawakawa jelly left from a previous box, this would be a good combo). 

This is one of Barry’s Bays more traditional cheeses and it’s not as hard-to-find as the selections we usually put in our boxes, but we’ve had so many of you asking for a good Havarti and, according to NZ Cheese superstar James, this is the best in the country! Stay tuned over the next few months as we bring you some of Barry’s Bays more experimental and hard-to-find offerings (think oyster stout cheddar…).