Over The Moon


The wonderful folks at Over The Moon Dairy describe cheese “as an adventure” and we couldn’t agree more! This South Waikato cheesery.

This Southern Cross cheese is definitely an adventure. Released once a year, after being aged for 12 months, this cheese may be a world first from Over the Moon! It’s a unique blend of cow, sheep, goat and buffalo milk! These cheese experts have perfectly combined these different milk flavours to make a farmhouse semi-hard cheese with a long, delicious finish.

It’s rind is firm and dry, with an ivory-cream coloured body. It has a nutty aroma and a smooth, creamy mouth-feel. It’s flavour is sweet and nutty, with a mature tang that gets stronger as the cheese develops.

We’re really excited to share this cheese with you and we hope you enjoy the unique flavour profile.

MORE INFO: https://overthemoondairy.co.nz/