Kaikoura Cheese


Motivated by the Christchurch earthquakes, Daniel and Sarah relocated to Kaikoura and started Kaikoura Cheese with 3 goats in 2011. The company was born out of a passion for excellent, top-quality wholefood. Using only the very best fresh goat's milk and Jersey cow's milk, Kaikoura cheese make a range of exceptionally good fresh soft cheese using traditional methods.

Tenara is a Cheese Cartel favourite. It’s an ash-coated goat’s cheese covered in the cheese-making geotrichum bacteria. It’s a challenging cheese to look at with it’s wrinkly grey exterior and creamy white centre, but give it a go, we promise this mousse-like, slightly crumbly delight is worth it. The cheese has a light smokiness with the perfect amount of flavour and texture like a cloud. Try it with a reisling to cut the sharpness, or just eat it like an apple.

Honestly, its that good.

MORE INFO: https://kaikouracheese.vendecommerce.com/