Kingsmeade Cheese


We first met Janet at her deli in Landsdowne on a Wairarapa cheese adventure. We chatted cheese and brought some big wedges of their delicious and absolutely stunning sunset blue.

Janet and Miles started their business in 1998 with 60 friesian ewes and 2 paddocks. These days they’ve got more than 200 sheep across 17 paddocks, but they still know most of their sheep by name!

Kingsmeade produce 14 different types of cheese. All of their cheeses are good, but we’re particularly enamoured with the beautiful sunset blue, coloured by Annato, a natural dye that comes from the seed from the tropical Aciote trees. It's described as slightly nutty, sweet and peppery and it adds a lovely orange hue and subtle flavour to the cheese. We also have heart-eyes for their incredible Castlepoint Feta a sheep milk cheese that’s patiently aged for two long years.

The Cheese Cartel whanau think this is a salty delight, with a gritty texture and a flavour that builds quickly. It looks powerful, but it’s bark is worse than it’s bite. Great with a pinot noir, or even a port.